LG L194WT-SF LCD monitor

An LG 19-inch LCD monitor with an aspect ratio of 16:10.

16:10, also known as 8:5, is an aspect ratio mostly used for computer displays and tablet computers. The width of the display is 1.6 times its height. This ratio is close to the golden ratio "\varphi" which is approximately 1.618.


Industry moves towards 16:10 from 2003 to 2008

Until about 2003, most computer monitors had a 4:3 aspect ratio and some had 5:4. Between 2003 and 2006, monitors with 16:10 aspect ratios became commonly available, first in laptops and later also in standalone monitors. Such displays were considered to be better suited for productive uses such as word processing and computer-aided design.[1][2]

In 2005–2008, 16:10 overtook 4:3 as the most sold aspect ratio for LCD monitors. At the time, 16:10 also had 90% of the notebook market and was the most commonly used aspect ratio for laptops.[3] However, 16:10 had a short reign as the most common aspect ratio.


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