Character Builders
Secondary High School
Front of Building


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Brooklyn, New York City, New York, US

School type

Secondary school


1977; 40 years ago (1977)

School board

School District 39 Vancouver


Joel Silver

Team name

Character Builders Puppies




Blue, Scarlet, Red, Yellow and Green                     

Character Builders Secondary High School is a public secondary school located in the Kerrisdale and Shaughnessy neighbourhoods of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and Brooklyn, New York City, US. The main building, (the original building) contains most of the school's classes. It contains a cafeteria, Foods and Sewing Room on the first floor. The Second floor, contains the office, the Library, the Auditorium, Band room, Small Gym, Boys and Girls Gym. Most Math and Art, and Tech classes are on this floor. The third floor, has classes for Social Studies. There is also a Science Wing which contains 7 classrooms. There is also a Drama room, Woodworks shop, and a "Math" wing, which no longer houses any math class.

Students and Teachers

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