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Mr. Something (or sometimes referred to ‘Dr. Something’) is a rival to Green Bob, Little GuyDr. PBS, Geo Girl, and worst of all, Geo Guy. Some of the fans consider him a villain, but sometimes he is nice to Geo Guy and the others only on rare occasions.

Dr. Something is a very odd character; he can stretch his limbs to impossible lengths and has many tentacles protruding from his back.

He also has a lack of facial features: he just has a smooth, blank, white face and has no more then just dents where his eyes are. His voice is amplified and echoes when Dr. Something gets angry or upset with somebody.

What’s most bizarre about Dr. Something’s appearance is when he is in the dark. He glows a greenish bright color that flashes on and off when the lights turn out or when he has a brilliant idea. Sometimes, when Dr. Something doesn't get what he wants, then he’ll grow very big and his face will turn a very deep shade of bright red and he’ll yell out loud what he wants.

Sometimes, Dr. Something will laugh very maniacally when his plan, or evil idea is made and his rubs his hands together, saying, “Yes, yes, I've finally done it!” and uses the object against Geo Guy to try to destroy him. Mostly, his ideas will be ruined or destroyed at the end of the episodes. Dr. Something holds an eternal grudge against the Minions.

This is because sometimes they will incidentally destroy his evil creations by accident, not knowing that they saved the day. Dr. Something hates this.

What many of the Geo's World characters don’t know is that Dr. Something has a weakness. They haven’t discovered this weakness yet, nor do they know he even HAS one. It is never mention what Dr. Something’s weakness is, but it is suspected fried eggs because he hates anything at all that is fried.

Dr. Something’s intelligence is very high, and mostly will outsmart Geo Guy, then the disaster that

Dr. Something is stirring up gets worse, and then it takes even more brains to put a stop to it.

Sometimes, Dave will freeze if Dr. Something looks at him.

In Geo's 5th Movie, Dr. Something is the source of the whole problem. Fans say that Geo's 5th Movie was completely ruined when Max puts a stop to Dr. Something’s plans instead of Geo Guy, who is the whole main character of the show.

Dr. Something is caught red-handed when Max sneaks into his layer, finding him making a giant robot and destroys the robot, and Dr. Something is put in jail and defeated.

Dr. Something is notorious for kidnapping Geo Guy in Geo's 5th Movie.

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