The following is a transcript of Geo's 1st Movie.

Part 1: Opening

(shows Columbia Pictures logo)

(shows Walt Disney Pictures logo)

(shows Pixar logo)

(fades into the sky)


Text: A PIXAR Film

(Geo's 1st Movie logo zooms in)

(camera goes down to 123 Geo's World)

(pans to Geo Guy's house and fades to inside the house where Geo Guy is on his computer)

Geo Guy: (looks at the camera) Hi, moviegoers. I'm Geo Guy, and welcome to Geo's World. The king of 123 Geo's World. But today this is my first movie. I'm gonna get...

(Geo Guy shows a picture of The World's Greatest Pool)

Geo Guy: ..The World's Greatest Pool to show everyone. Let's go ask my mom if I can get it.

(Geo Guy walks over to The World's Greatest Pool where he points at it and Liz, his mother, starts walking into the frame)

Geo Guy: Mom, look at this pool! It's The World's Greatest Pool! I want this pool to show everyone! This one, this one!

Liz: Oh, sweetie, $800?

Geo Guy: I can't wait to show everyone my new pool!

Liz: Geo Guy, I can't afford that one.

Geo Guy: (turns to Liz) Well, you don't expect me to get The World's Greatest Pool, do you?

Liz: Maybe we can get it when I can afford it.

Geo Guy: (sad) Oh...

Liz: Geo Guy, is there something wrong?

Geo Guy: Nothing much... I'm just... going to my room.

(Geo Guy walks to his room)

Liz: Oh... okay.

(Geo Guy, disappointed, is sitting in his room thinking about The World's Greatest Pool when Liz comes to his room)

More coming soon!

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