Geo's World: Geo Guy and the lost Color Frog (also known as Geo's World: Geo Guy and the Color Frog), was an Geo's World game co-developed by Midway Games that was set to be released in 2001 for the PlayStation 2, GameCube and Xbox game consoles, but was later cancelled.


The story begins with Geo Guy is walking down the street, and then he stops and he looked down the Color Frog and he keeps him and follows a adventure.

Note: The user who made this page forgot what happened after that.


Geo's World: Geo Guy and the lost Color Frog's development period had always been relatively rocky. Playable models of the game had been described as unstable, with a jittery framerate. The developer chose to retool the graphics engine in mid-development. Also, Disney Interactive changed Geo's World: Geo Guy and the lost Color Frog's traditional publishing model to a budget game model. Later, it was announced that Geo's World: Lost in Greeny City! would be released in Summer 2001 instead, with no new release date or extra information announced for Geo's World: Geo Guy and the lost Color Frog.


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