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colspan="2" style="text-align:center;background-color:#FFF;" Geo Guy - UbiArt Style by WildshillSnickers
Charles Manson ready to fuck everyone's life up. - style="background-color: #ccccff;"Developer(s)Ubisoft Montpellier
Ubisoft Montreal - style="background-color: #ccccff;"Publisher(s) Ed Bighead Studios Productions Industries Limited - style="background-color: #ccccff;"Distributor(s) Geo - style="background-color: #ccccff;"Director(s) Cam Cam - style="background-color: #ccccff;"Designer(s) Sam Garcia
Gabriel Garcia - style="background-color: #ccccff;"Producer(s) PIGPOG - style="background-color: #ccccff;"Lead programmers Cock - style="background-color: #ccccff;"Artist(s) Shartist - style="background-color: #ccccff;"Engine ddd - style="background-color: #ccccff;"Platform(s) wed - style="background-color: #ccccff;"Released June 9th, 1969 -
Geo's World: The Color Frog

Geo's World: The Color Frog is a Xbox and Playstation -9 exclusive game where you play as Charles Manson and command your very own cult! Surprisingly, a lot of Christian parent let their kids buy this game, thus being a bestseller.

At first, it was meant to be for the GayCube, but fuck Nintendo fags, they fuck little 8 year old girls and eat mac and cheese for money because their old fucking parents won't let them go outside and get a real job like the Xbox and Playstation fans.

They are copies of this on ebay at the moment selling for 6 cents, it's worth less than dog shit.


You're Charles Manson and you finally run your own cult, it's been in the family business for years. Telling people to kill others by proxy, that's the life. You're on the mission to tell these to do shit. You'd think we'd write better for a plot for Charles Manson, but no, there's too much hentai in this world to jerk off to.

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