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The cover of Geo's World, the first collection of comic strips, released in November 1985.
Geo's World
Geo G. (1981-2015)[1]
James Clayton and Terry Ward (2014-present)
Current status / schedule:
Launch date:
July 9, 1981
End date:
Universal Press Syndicate
Andrews McMeel Publishing (1981-2014)
Omegalpha Comics/Vulgaris Entertainment (2014-)
Humor, family life, politics, satire,family favorite

Geo's World is a comic strip created by Geo G. on July 9, 1981 in over 200 newspapers and has since become popular worldwide and received multiple awards. The show had episodes inspired from the comic. A spinoff comic series was made based on the Geo's Universe series, and features strips based on episodes of that series.


The first Geo's World strip


Main article: List of comic books


  1. Geo G starting a new comic series

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