The Geo's World film series consists of seven animated comedy films based on the animated series of the same name.


Geo's 1st Movie (1997)

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Geo Guy's newest enemy, Doom Vercetti, has a plan to get rid of his parents once and for all, so Geo Guy, Green Bob, Wally, Lumpy, Geo Girl, Gum, Lara, Coraline, Lisa, Margo, Dave, Dr. Beanson, Geo Guy 2, Doctor, and Dr. PBS need to save Geo Guy's parents.

Geo's 2nd Movie (2000)

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After uncovering a secret plot of Doom Vercetti and Carl H'Sur to assassinate the vice president of 123 Geo's World, Geo Guy accidentally kills a suspiciously dressed person who is actually a secret agent, so he has to take his place and rescue the vice president.

Geo's 3rd Movie (2005)

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The plot features Geo Guy and Green Bob going on a totally new quest, to save Little Guy from Gree Guy, who is killed after being shot.

Geo's 4th Movie (2008)

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Geo's 5th Movie (2010)

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Geo's 6th Movie (2013)

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Geo's 7th Movie (2016)

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When a Geo Guy imposter appears the original Geo Guy needs to stop him.