Geo's World Extra Large is a 2003 platform video game developed by Disney Interactive and published by Midway Games (Nintendo in the GameCube version). It was originally released for the Nintendo GameCube and based on the show Geo's World. The GameCube version uses The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker engine (This meant that it had nearly the same graphics as The Wind Waker). Greeny Arcade & PC versions were planned, but cancelled. It is based on Shrek Extra Large.

Geo's World Extra Large is the 12th game in the Geo's World game series.


When Green Bob plays with Geo Guy's Windows 2000 disc, Geo Girl gets kidnapped by Bob Beanson. Geo Guy (himself) needs to save Geo Girl.


Every level (which are obviously similar to Shrek Extra Large) in the game has four different missions plus two missions consisting in catching Geo Guy's friends and collecting five golden coins.

  • 123 Geo's World: This where the adventure begins, in this area we can find Geo Guy's house, the Grow 'n' Shrink machine, and the Racing & Karate center; this is where Geo Guy learns all basic movements (jumping, leaping, punching, kicking and grabbing, including other stronger attacks like the ultra 1337 punch and the Kamehameha. In this game, Geo Girl's bedroom is much smaller than in the TV show.

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The game was generally received positively.


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