Geo's World Extra Large is a 2003 video game developed by a bunch of Croatian kids in a sweatshop. It was released on the Sega GayCube because a bunch of soyboys manchildren that jerk off to little girls wanted to play their games BUT NO they said "my mom won't buy me a new console and I spent all my money on soylent." Yeah. No shit! A bottle is 7 bucks and a blowjob from a deformed Cuban guy. The game uses the The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker engine (Because some autists cannot make their own fucking engine. What a bunch of spergs).

Geo's World Extra Large is the 12th game in the Geo's World game series.


The plot consists of some characters that learn that Geo's got an extra large cock cannot fit in their mouths, so in this game, you try to progressively expand your mouth to fit Geo's extra large cock.


Every level (which are obviously similar to Shrek Extra Large) in the game has you expand your mouth with different objects. The first being an orange, later levels being a soda can, and at the end, entire tables and of course, the final boss is the one and only Geo and his extra large cock!


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The game was generally received positively.


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