Hello, I'm Geo Guy. The King of 123 Geo's World
―Geo Guy's catchphrase

Greggy "Nigra Guy" JewGuy GoeyCumGuy Commie, better known as Nigra Guy, originally planned to be NiggFuck, known in Japan as Succ (サック), is the main protagonist in Nigra Guy's World. he is leader of the trio (Nigra Guy, Chink JoJ and Dr. Wenis) and he is 4 years old. He was born on November 29, 1986[2]. He is Gay Bob's best friend and Dr. Wenis' ripe cumslut. Like Dr. Benis, Nigra Guy likes to think positions to fuck his gay pal Gay Bob. He also lives in Newark. He likes Dick Cheese and often gets on his knees to taste some of Dr. Wenis' yummy smegma. He also jacked off to Chip AND Dale from Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers. His voice is various voice clips from the late Adolf Hitler (may god bless him), and his voice in Japanese was Masahiro Sakurai


Nigra Guy is a proud 99-year old black woman who lives in an alley way, said to be the same alley way Frisk was raped in or smth.

Nigra Guy is a really good bitchy boy. but, he is not a naughty kid like Steven Universe from Steven Universe, but he's like Lucas from Mommerton 3.
Geo G.

He is happy but sometimes sad.

Geo Guy's Autobiography

―Nigra Guy


He has black skin, however he is usually covered in a thick layer of all the cum Santed Sailor and Dr. Penis covered him in.


Character Development

American version


The result of Geo Guy, while waiting in Terry Ward's office.

The first conceptions of Nigra Guy date back to 1111, while waiting in the lobby of producer Todd Phillips's dorrito smelling office office. Geo was playing around with his bunghole and Todd Phillips found it cute and adopted them. The End.

The character, dubbed "Niggerfuck" was to be announced in May 1876. However the very vocal free nigger slaves protested and threatened to sodomize Todd Phillip's juicy asshole. So Todd Phillips renamed him "Nigra Guy". Somehow, the retarded nigger slaves didn't notice that the name was just as racist..... (niggs, amirite?)

Geo Guy was originally going to be aged -4 months, but Geo G. was aged because Todd Phillips didn't want people to suspect his fetus fetish.

In 1878, After the release of Geo Comic, Geo G. stated while having a brain trauma after smashing his head with his dads morning wood.

―Geo G.

Japanese version

In 1977, Geo G. first met Loli Girls in Japan. He said to him he wanted to make a Japanese version of Nigre Guy (ジオガイイイイイイ).


Name Language Voice actor
Nigra Guy English Geo G.
ジオガイイイイイイ (ChiGoGong) Japanese Sakurai Faggot

British version


Memorable Quotes

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Memorable Catchphrases

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Nigra Guy appears in nearly every episode, comic, video game, movies having a massive anal prolaspe. The only episode he does not appear nor is mentioned is "The Cure of Santed Sailor" because his anal prolaspe got so bad and he was filled with cum and shit and was too horny to appear.


Flipnote Hatena

Nigra Guy has an Hatena ID called "NiggSuckMyDick"

  • [ Hatena Account]


  • Nigra Guy can also speak Spic.
  • Nigra Guy loved Loli since he was 1.
  • Nigra Guy makes a cameo appearance in Gay Bob, one where he has a massive anal prolaspe after getting horny over some furry loli cum porn made by Gay Bob himself.
  • Nigra Guy was originally supposed to love fingering people, actually he still does
  • Nigra Guy is my fucking nigga
  • Nigra Guy has appeared in every single piece of media for about 1/2222222222222222222222 of a second.
  • Nigra Guy is fucking your mommy :)
  • Nigra Guy is Nigrapotent

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