Geo Guy Goes Run was gonna be a Geo's World episode from Season 1, but it was cancelled.


The episode starts with Geo Guy looking at a magazine. Then Dr. Beanson arrives and asks Geo Guy what he was doing. Geo Guy tells Dr. Beanson that he was thinking about the time when he was a fashion runaway model, but Dr. Beanson doesn't believe him.

Geo Guy goes for a walk, and then Doctor came up. Doctor tells Geo Guy that he wants to run really faster, but he can't.

Geo Guy drops his cup, falls down, breaks and he then cries. Dr. Beanson give Geo Guy a computer for his room, but he liked it. Geo Guy tried to run really faster, but liked to run, Geo Guy win the racing car.

Note: The user who made this page forgot what happened after that.


  • This episode doesn't make any sense, which is probably why it was cancelled.
  • The episode's production number was J9R6, the title was Geo Guy Goes Run. The episode labeled J9R6, The Adventures of Geo Guy, was made later and given Geo Guy Goes Run's production code to cancel the latter's existence.