"Geo Guy to the Future" is the third episode of season 17. It was aired on October 4, 2005.


One day, Geo Guy is at Geo's World School. Principal Dave grabs Geo Guy and sees his girlfriend, Coraline Jones. Later, Geo Guy had his Geo's World rock band with him: Green Bob, Wally, Lumpy, Dr Beanson, Geo Guy 2, Geo Guy 3, Dr PBS and Geo Girl. Geo Guy finds Green Bob with a time portal.

Geo Guy steps through the Time Portal and is in the past. Will Geo Guy EVER get to 2013? Later, he meets the 13 year-old Tom Conner. Geo Guy then meets the younger version of Gree Guy and Lucas Guy. 10 year-old Lucas Guy then slaps Geo Guy across the head and Geo Guy sees and hears no more. The next day, Geo Guy wakes up in a bed.

He sees a 13 year-old Liz Conner. Geo Guy says Mom? Liz then finds at school, Tom Conner. In the car, Liz kisses Geo Guy. She then kisses Tom. Geo Guy is like Let's send Geo Guy to the Future. He gets back home. He kisses Coraline. Green Bob says C'mon, Geo Guy and Coraline. They're off.

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