Poster for the movie


Snapshot of the movie when greezilla rises

Geo meets Rocco is a 1999 geos world film directed by Rocco Malvasia the chief director of the Rocco animation series it was released in 1999 in December in the US and in 2009 for japan the movies cost was over $65 million dollars and in japan 300 million ¥ The plot was that a mayor of geos world said if Rocco and geo guy meet together something bad will happen but they met up and then gree a villan from the series turns big and turns into Greezilla and then he attacks New York there was a scene where greezilla knock down the World Trade Center but due to the horrific events of 9/11 the scene was removed in later releases of the film In the Japanese version the city was changed from New York to Tokyo this was a majorly good film on imdb

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