Homburger Guy is a character that appears in Homburger City. He is voiced by Microsoft Mike, like Geo Guy. Homburger Guy is a villain in Created City. He hates Gree Guy. He is the son of Homsandwitch Guy and Homburger. He DOES NOT like Greeny Phatom [ actual person. ] He hates stickmen and says ' I'll kill you, Dembishire County Council. Homburger Guy is also freinds with Geo Guy, Geo Girl, Dr. Beanson, Gum, Dr. PBS, Green Bob, Little Guy and MS Paint. MS Paint's full name is MS Paint Leonidas Head. Homburger Guy says 'Gree Guy is fat. Gree Guy is smelly. Gree Guy is a baby. Gree City sucks. Homburger Guy is also freinds with Ythan Guy, who is a good version of Gree Guy. Ythan Guy is not the only good version. Gex Guy is another good version of Gree Guy.

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