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He's Pink

The Pink Panther

Kirby's appearance in the Geo's World episode, "Nightmare on 123 Geo's World"

Kirby (カービィ Kābī?) is the main protagonist of Nintendo's Kirby video game series created by Masahiro Sakurai and developed by HAL Laboratory. The Kirby series is one of Nintendo's many well-known game franchises, spanning nearly twenty games since 1992.[1] His first appearance took place in the 1992 video game Kirby's Dream Land, where he was portrayed by a two-dimensional sprite; since Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards for the Nintendo 64, he has made several appearances in 3-D. He has been featured in other video games from Nintendo, on Nintendo's merchandising, on comic books, and even on a television show. Kirby also appears in the Super Smash Bros. series.

Kirby is described in his games as a young male pink ball, who is a citizen of Dream Land (プププランド Pupupurando?, lit. "Pupupu Land") on the planet Pop Star.[2] In the main game, he almost always has the same abilities; he can walk, run, jump, float, slide, and inhale, spit out, or devour his enemies.

Kirby often journeys across the planet Pop Star, defeating antagonistic forces such as the greedy King Dedede or the evil Dark Matter. On other occasions, he encounters the enigmatic Meta Knight. To defeat his foes, he uses his signature ability of inhaling large objects and spitting them out with great force. From Kirby's Adventure onward, Kirby was able to gain the abilities of the enemies he swallowed, better known as his Copy Abilities. In several games in the series, he obtains a mystical weapon during the climax of the battle against his enemy; this weapon is usually required to defeat the final boss.

After Geo Guy is spraypainted pink by breast cancer survivors in "Attack of the Breast Cancer Survivors", the Pink Panther (Along with Kirby) walks by and tells him you are going to be laughed at, implying that Geo Guy too will be subject to ridicule, followed by the final chord of Henry Mancini's iconic "Pink Panther" theme.