Steve the Bullying Duck is Sad (Cut to an office showing John Pomeroy and Seth MacFarlane in stop motion)
Seth MacFarlane: Whoa, whoa, whoa. So—so does is look like make a Broadway musical?
John Pomeroy: Yeah! I think Steve the Bullying Duck is sad and take a break.
Seth MacFarlane: Oh—How are people gonna know what's going on?
John Pomeroy: Oh—Periodically we're just gonna cut to you and me, just explaining it just like this in this sort of photo-animation.
Seth MacFarlane: Wh—Why don't we just film it? Live action?
John Pomeroy: Nah, it's not the budget.
Seth MacFarlane: Ah, yeah. How are the kids gonna know who we are?
(Text bubbles appear with arrows pointing to John Pomeroy and Seth MacFarlane, showing their names)
Seth MacFarlane: Oh! That's nice. Okay. But could Rob the Bullying duck could tell the Steve?
John Pomeroy: (Prepares to write on the drawing board) Ah!
(Cut back to John Pomeroy and Seth MacFarlane)
John Pomeroy: Oh, so Steve the Bullying Duck's going to jail and so sad and scared, and Steve The Bullying Duck can stay there.
Seth MacFarlane: Now, wasn't that clear?
John Pomeroy: No.
Seth MacFarlane: Well, then it's a good thing we're doing (Does a pose) this then.
Olivia the Duck: They're ruined my Broadway show, I missed it. I hate the bullying ducks. (Olivia the Duck is crying)
(Back to John Pomeroy and Seth MacFarlane's office)
John Pomeroy: You know what? I think you're right. Olivia the Duck is sad. This was a bad idea.
Seth MacFarlane: No, no, no, no... This is starting to work. This is really good.
John Pomeroy: Really?
Seth MacFarlane: Yeah. Get, get up, get up, get out of the way! Give me the pen. So Bill the Duck was playing the music and Olivia the Duck see Bill the Duck...
(Scene shifts to John Pomeroy and Seth MacFarlane one last time)
John Pomeroy: Eh, all right, I'll buy that, but it still feels like it's missing something.
(They think for a moment, then...)
John Pomeroy and Seth MacFarlane: The song!
Dan: Okay, how about something like... There was Hole in a Life, And Now... It's Filled with Jesus!
Swampy: Do it again.
(As the song plays, Dan and Swampy, Bill the Duck and Hollywood Chorus sing and dance)
Hollywood Chorus: Ho! Ho! Ho! (4x)
Bill the Duck: There was a hole...
Hollywood Chorus: Was a hole...

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