Geo's World Season 2

Geo's World The Complete Season 1 and 4 DVD


Series Geo's World
Country of origin USA
Network ABC
Original run January 31, 1990 – May 16, 1990
No. of episodes 7
DVD release date September 11, 2000 (The Complete Season 1/4)
June 6, 2001 (The Complete Second Season)
Previous season Season 1
Next season Season 3

The second season of Geo's World began on January 31, 1990 with the episode "Rejected Toy Story" and ended on May 16, 1990 with the episode "Grow Geo Spot".

Series creator Geo G. mentioned in the season three commentaries that they considered this season to be very poor, and season 2 is the only DVD box set to lack commentaries.

While "Reading CLG Signs" was the first episode produced for the season, "Rejected Toy Story" became the season premiere as Geo Guy was the series' breakout character at the time and the producers wanted to debut with an episode centering on him.


# Title Original airdate PC
1 "Rejected Toy Story" January 31, 1990 J0F1
Geo Guy is going to shop at the Toy Story 3 Store to buy Geo Guy Saturday Stuff, Geo Guy looks at the Screen to see Rejected Toy Story 3 like, Speech N' Swear, Mr. Couch Potato Head, Baby Never Stops Crying, Biff the Friendly Fax and Private in Space.
2 "Green Bob VS. 3 Ballerinas Dancers" April 11, 1990 J0R2
Green Bob is going to fight the 3 Ballerinas Dancers, 7 People are Help, Green Bob can jump on the Bomb, Geo Guy is watching TV after he watch it. Green Bob come to visit to do a Knock Knock Joke.
3 "Going to the Movies" April 18, 1990 J0R3
Geo Guy and Green Bob are going to the Movies called Stary. Green Bob won't let Geo Guy to watch the movie.
4 "Reading CLG Signs" April 25, 1990 J0R4
Geo Guy wants to read CLG Signs, When Lucas Guy came up to look at CLG Signs then Geo Guy said yes. when lucas guy is mad about sony wonder, he's going to shoot him.
5 "Geo Guy Meets Coraline" May 2, 1990 J0R5
Coraline was getting for morning, when Geo Guy came up to love her so much that he crushed on, Geo Guy got a Girlfriend.
6 "Kaya's First Car" May 9, 1990 J0R6
Kaya got a car, Geo Guy seeking out that he see Kaya and her car.
7 "Grow Geo Spot" May 16, 1990 J0R7
When Geo Guy wakes for see Green Bob, Bob Beanson shots with laser gun. Geo Guy turns a Geo Spot.