Spacetoon (سبيستون or سبيس تون) is an Arabic television channel that specializes in animation and children programs. It began broadcasting in March 2000 with headquarters in Damascus and Dubai.

Spacetoon Group has three channels in the Middle East: Spacetoon, Space Power TV, and the now-defunct Spacetoon English, which stopped broadcasting on January 1, 2011. Spacetoon also has international channels in Middle East, Indonesia, India, Japan, Hong Kong, Pakistan and Korea. 
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  • Action (Planet of the excitement and mystery) of the series of movement and excitement.
  • Adventure (Planet of the imagination and thrill) of the Series adventures.
  • Alpha (Planet of the numbers and letters) for educational programs.
  • Bon Bon (Planet Heroes adults) for baby shows
  • Comedy (Planet Laugher) to comedy series.
  • History (planet from time immemorial) for the historical series.
  • Science (planet discovery and knowledge) for educational programs.
  • Sport (Planet of the challenge and strength) of the series and sports programs.
  • Movies (planet of all colors) for the cartoons.
  • Zomoroda (planet for girls only) series and programs for girls.

They to started in Adventure Planet aired Geo's Universe in January 1, 2017