Crying Geo Guy Sticky is gone forever...
This character was originally going to appear in Goodbye to Geo's World, but he/she was scrapped because 6 kids hated him...
Geo Girl Vector "More ammo, hurry!"
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In Chuck on, Geo Girl, Sticky appears as Stary's friend. However, the man was going to appear in Goodbye to Geo's World, but he was scraped because 6 kids chose to hate him.

Sticky Van Courtin
"You will be fine!" he says to Geo Girl in the rain.
Gender: male
First Appearance: A little stickman with a happy face.
Age: 23
Episode count: 1
Friends and Relatives: Geo Guy
Enemies: Green Bob

Little Guy

Family: Sam Van Courtin

Jo Van Courtin

Voiced by: Robert Staiton

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