Born on the wrong end of the leash,

He was a dreamer

And a little schemer

A dirty mutt living a dog's life

But when he'd hear the bell for school

He started to drool

One day he said,

I'll take a chance!

Trade his leash for a pair of pants

In a glance, school becomes his favorite pastime

I have buried a bone for the last time!

I wanna be a boy!

He's so over just being rover

I gotta be a boy!

This teacher's pet's gonna be a boy!

Turns out he's a regular Einstein,

And Leonard is treadin' a fine line

Why can't I be a normal kid like any other?

Now, doodlebug, listen to mother!

I wanna be a boy!

Lost his collar, now he's a scholar!

I gotta be a boy!

This power pup's gonna be a boy!

I do not wish to be a dog

Now this Bowser's ready for trousers!

I gotta be a boy!

His nose is wet, but you can bet,

He's teacher's pet he's gonna be a boy!


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