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The Adventures of Geo Guy is the 6th episode of Geo's World. This episode aired on November 18th, 1989 on ABC.


The episode starts with Geo Guy is Sleeping on his Bed. But, he is not tried. he wants to go somewhere. When the Title Screen with Geo Guy is walking in the Background, title said "Geo Guy Wants to Go Somewhere. But, Doctor Came Here." Geo Guy Telling Doctor that he came here for Couple seconds, Geo Guy is Going so Mad that he going pwned Dr. When the Title Screen said "Take a look at the Green Screen Whlie Dr. Gets Pwned by Geo Guy at the Same Time!" when the 1930's Crowd was Clapping that Geo Guy is Pwning Dr.

When Geo Guy looked at the House thay it come from. Geo Guy is going to the House, Geo Guy is Mad, because the Sound goes Crackers. When Geo Guy's Eyes are Closed, he opens his eyes with a green-eye, Geo Guy's Head goes Green When Geo Guy's Shirt is Rip. When Geo Guy's ear appears it goes green. when his head goes green, his shirt is rip up. Now, Geo Guy is a Green Monster now.

Geo Guy is Killing the Crazy Sound. when the Sun comes up it is morning. Geo Guy is pointing Little Guy, he is telling Geo Guy is doing the Tricks. Little Guy Bumps the Car in the Door, When Geo Guy is telling it's the End of the episode.


  • This is the First Time Geo Guy Turns a Monster.
  • There's an 1930's Crowd was seen when Geo Guy Pwns Doctor.
  • The episode seems the title card said "Season 1 Episode 6 The Adventures of Geo Guy".
  • This is Little Guy's 2nd appearance in the series.
Season 1

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