Geo's World The Complete Season 5 and 8 DVD

"The Complete Season 5/8" was released on July 6, 2001 in North America, and August 8, 2001 in the United Kingdom and Ireland. It was the second box set to be released, coming about a year after the first four seasons and tenth season. It contains all 27 episodes from season 5 and 8.

Disc Features

Disc 1

Disc 2

Disc 3

Disc 4


Bonus features

  • Audio commentary on all episodes by Geo and the crew.
  • Interview with Geo G. and Terry Ward recorded during the second season.
  • Two popular music videos (with additional commentary).
"Hello Geo Go"
"Long Long Bad Day"
"Geo Guy VS. Greeny Phatom 3: Earthy Guy"
"Coraline My Dear"
  • Numerous drawings and sketches.

Easter eggs

  • Thank you message to John Lasseter for providing early sketches and drawings (accessed by highlighting Geo Girl in the "Set Up" menu of "Geo Girl's Note").
  • Four bizarre drawings of Geo Guy's head (accessed by highlighting the torn quilt that Gum is chewing on in the "Set Up" menu of "Geo Guy VS. Greeny Phatom 3: Earthy Guy VS. Gary's Father").
  • Gag drawing of Dr. PBS (accessed by highlighting Dr. PBS's fez in the root menu of "The Super Geo's World Clip Show").
  • Model design sheet for Dr. Beason (accessed by highlighting the picture frame in the "Set Up" menu of "Coke Colar III").
  • Odd drawing of Geo Guy, Green Bob and Dr. PBS (accessed by highlighting the Book Geo Guy is holding in the "Set Up" menu of "Boy on the Biggest Mess").
  • Acting poses of Geo Guy for the "Living in a World of Make Believe" sequence (accessed by highlighting the statue's eyes in the "Set Up" menu of "Camp Doctor Mother").
  • Extra storyboard (accessed by pressing up on the 11th page of storyboards for "Geo Guy VS. Greeny Phatom 3: Earthy Guy VS. Gary's Father")