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"The Cure of Santed Sailor" is the second episode in Season 1 of Geo's World. This episode aired on November 3, 1989. It should also be noted that this is the only episode where Geo Guy is not seen, nor mentioned.


The episode begins with Santed Sailor introducing himself on a little sailboat known as the Caster 7. Beanson and Bob Beanson arrive on Caster 7 and bring a cooler filled with cheese sandwiches and water bottles, as well as a bag with several buckets.

The sailors then guide Caster 7 towards a small island near Greenyville, but the weather starts to turn grey and cloudy. After Bob Beanson makes a sharp turn back to the dock, Dr. Beanson, after eating only half of his sandwich, becomes queasy and vomits on the deck. This then leads to the three men returning to the Beanson house to tend to Dr. Beanson.

Back at home, Beanson tucks his son into bed and takes his temperature, which as at 103 degrees. As Dr. Beanson is very nauseous and unable to keep anything down, Beanson rubs his son’s thirsty skin with a warm, moist washcloth. He then goes and makes Dr. Beanson a cup of ginger tea with a dash of Mr. Beanson’s Pepper Powder, a blend of pepper powders that Beanson mixed himself. He adds in a little honey to make it taste more pleasent.

Dr. Beanson dislikes sipping his tea, but his father says it will help, and that his son “has to slurp it like a grown man”. Dr. Beanson then gets used to its spiciness and drinks it all up. His father also plays a calming cd on his radio and gives his son an electric thermal blanket.

Dr. Beanson falls asleep while his father goes outside and chops wood.

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