- colspan="2" style="text-align: center;" File:The_Dog_Tale_Fan-Film_(1998_film)_Teaser_Poster.png
- Directed byDavid Silverman
Ron Howard
John A. Davis - - Produced byBrian Grazer
Aron Warner
Patty Wooton
Robert Zemeckis (Executive Producer)
Steven Spielberg (Executive Producer)
Don Bluth (Executive Producer)
Nick Park (Executive Producer) - - Written by Paul Weitz
Chris Weitz
Todd Alcott - - Music by Thomas Newman - - Distributed by DreamWorks Pictures - - Running time 100 minutes - - Language English - - Budget $42 million - - Gross Revenue $171.8 million - Country United States -
The Dog Tale Fan-Film (1998 film)
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The Dog Tale Fan-Film is a 1998 American computer animated comedy-adventure film based upon the book by E.B. White


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Home media

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