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―Toon Link

Toon Link is a swordsman who saved the Great Sea from Ganondorf after the flooding of Hyrule. He is one of the main characters in Geo's World. His first appearance was in Geo's 6th Movie. He also appears in Geo's Universe.



  • Toon Link was originally planned to appear in Geo's 1st Movie as one of Geo Guy's friends and he was going to be his first appearance in the film, but he was removed for the final version of the film before he got his first appearance in Geo's 6th Movie. He only appears in a deleted scene of the film.
  • He has his own 3DS series entitled "The Misadventures of Link."
  • Being a Nintendo creation, Toon Link is the only playable character in Smash Fight 3 who was created in Japan.
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